January 15, 1978

Super Bowl XII was a major first for the NFL.  For the first time the NFL Championship Game was played indoors where the elements were sure not be a factor. The site for this grandiose event was the Superdome in New Orleans . The Dallas Cowboys were in their fourth Super Bowl of the decade while the Denver Broncos were in their first. The game’s starting quarterbacks were Cowboy great Roger Staubach and former Cowboy Craig Morton was the starting quarterback for Denver . This meant that Craig Morton and Roger Staubach were once again competing against each other but this time for the ultimate prize the Super Bowl title.

Legendary coach Tom Landry had his team well prepared and the second Dallas Cowboys title was never in doubt. Dallas dominated both sides of the ball. Dallas once again scored first in the Super bowl and took a 13-0 lead to the half-time.  They continued their dominance into the second half as they finally got a controversial call go their way in a Super Bowl game.  This controversial call became a piece of history for Dallas .  Roger Staubach’s threw a 45-yard pass to Butch Johnson that was ruled a touchdown by the officials. This is despite the fact that some angles clearly showed that the pass was indeed dropped.  However, even without that touchdown, the Cowboys were firmly in control of the game and were really never threatened but their outmatched opponents. With this touchdown, the game was nearly out-of-reach. Denver scored to make the score 20-10. Dallas led by the brilliance of coach Landry had a play up their sleeve to end all doubt. Robert Newhouse performed the perfect halfback option by passing 29 yards to Golden Richards and the touchdown. Dallas was once again Super Bowl Champions and America ‘s Team was as strong as ever.

Starting Lineups

Dallas Position Denver
Golden Richards WR Dolbin
Ralph Neely LT Maurer
Herbert Scott LG Glassic
John Fitzgerald C Montler
Tom Rafferty RG Howard
Pat Donovan RT Minor
Billy Joe DuPree TE Odoms
Drew Pearson WR Moses
Roger Staubach QB Morton
Tony Dorsett RB Armstrong
Robert Newhouse FB Keyworth
Dallas Position Baltimore
Too Tall Jones LE Chavous
Jethro Pugh LT / NT Carter
Randy White RT / RE Alzado
Harvey Martin RE / LLB Swenson
Tom Henderson LLB / LLB Rizzo
Bob Breunig MLB / RLB Gradisher
D. D. Lewis RLB / RLB Jackson
Benny Barnes LCB L. Wright
Aaron Kyle RCB Foley
Charlie Waters SS Thompson
Cliff Harris FS Jackson
Dallas Position Baltimore
Efren Herrera K Turner
Danny White P Dilts


Scoring 1st 2nd 3rd 4th Final
Dallas 10 3 7 7 27
Denver 0 0 10 0 10

First Quarter 10:31 — Dallas – TD, Tony Dorsett 3 Yard Run (Efren Herrera Kick) 13:29 — Dallas – FG, Efren Herrera, 35 Yard   Second Quarter 03:44 — Dallas – FG, Efren Herrera, 43 Yard   Third Quarter 02:28 — Denver – FG, Jim Turner, 47 Yard 08:01 — Dallas – TD, Butch Johnson 45 Yard Pass from Roger Staubach (Efren Herrera Kick) 09:21 — Denver – TD, Rob Lytle 1 Yard Run (Jim Turner Kick)   Fourth Quarter 07:56 — Dallas – TD, Golden Richards 29 Yard Pass from Robert Newhouse (Efren Herrera Kick)

Dallas Team Stats Denver
17 1st Down – Total 11
8 1st Down – Rushing 8
8 1st Down – Passing 1
1 1st Down – Penalty 2
6 Fumbles – Number 4
2 Fumbles – Lost Ball 4
12 Penalties 8
94 Yards Penalized 60
3 Missed Field Goals 0
71 Offensive Plays 58
325 Net Yards 156
4.6 Average Gain 2.7

Individual Stats

Dallas Dorsett 16-66, Newhouse 15-55, D.White 1-13, P.Pearson 3-11, Staubach 3-6, Laidlaw 1-1, Johnson 1-(-9)
Denver Lytle 10-35, Armstrong 7-27, Weese 3-26, Jensen 1-16, Keyworth 5-9, Perrin 3-8
Dallas Staubach 17-25-1-0, D.White 1-2-5-0-0, Newhouse 1-1-29-1-0
Denver Morton 4-15-39-0-4, Weese 4-10-22-0-0
Dallas P.Pearson 5-37, DuPree 4-66, Newhouse 3-(-1), Johnson 2-53, Richards 2-38, Dorsett 2-11, D.Pearson 1-13
Denver Dolbin 2-24, Odoms 2-9, Moses 1-21, Upchurch 1-9, Jensen 1-5, Perrin 1-(-7)
Attendance – 75,804 in New Orleans

MVP – DT Randy White & DE Harvey Martin, Dallas Cowboys

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