January 31, 1993


Super Bowl XXVII was the beginning of a glorious return for America’s team.  The first Super Bowl in 13 years for the boys saw them matched up against the Buffalo Bills in the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California. The Buffalo Bills were not newcomers to the Super Bowl as this was their third straight appearance. Unfortunately for them.they had lost the past two Super Bowls. Buffalo was upset in Super Bowl XXV by the Bill Parcells led New York Giants as the game-winning field-goal by Scott Norwood sailed wide right. Buffalo was then soundly defeated by the Washington Redskins the following year in Super Bowl XXVI. Dallas was hoping that the third time was not going to be the charm for Jim Kelly and the Bills.

For the first time in all their Super Bowl appearances, Dallas did not score first in the big game.  Buffalo scored first after their defence blocked a Mike Saxon punt. A very young Dallas team led by their confident coach Jimmy Johnson took control of the game from there and never looked back. Turnovers by the Buffalo Bills helped seal their fate. Dallas scored two touchdowns 25 seconds apart to capture the lead. Then Dallas scored two touchdowns 18 seconds apart to take the commanding 28-10 lead at half-time. Unfortunately for the Bills that was the good part of the game.  Things got much worst for the Bills in the second half.

The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders had plenty to cheer about as Dallas kept the lead into the fourth quarter before things really got real ugly for the Bills. Buffalo turned the ball over a total of nine times in the game. The final was a humiliating 52-17 in favour of the young Dallas Cowboys. . Dallas had a shot at the record of 55 points in the Super Bowl when Leon Lett picked up a fumble after a Jim Jeffcoat sack and raced for the touchdown. However Lett decided to showboat his way to the end zone but just before the goal line he allowed a still hustling Don Beebe to catch up and knock the ball through the back of the end zone. The play occurred well after the game was decided and showed the pride that Don Beebe and the Buffalo Bills had and why the Bills were the only team to go to four straight Super Bowls. They deserved a better fate than to lose each of the four. The Cowboys, on the other hand, finished a transformation from 1-15 in 1989 to Super Bowl Champions in 1992.  This was the beginning of a Dallas Cowboys Dynasty that was let by such Superstars as Troy Aikman, Emmitt Smith, Michael Irvin, Moose Johnson, Jay Novacek, Nate Newton, Russell Maryland, Ken Norton Jr. Charles Haley just to name a few..

Starting Lineups

Dallas Position Buffalo
Alvin Harper WR Lofton
Mark Tuinei LT Wolford
Nate Newton LG Ritcher
Mark Stepnoski C Hull
John Gesek RG Parker
Erik Williams RT Ballard
Jay Novacek TE Metzalaars
Michael Irvin WR Reed
Troy Aikman QB Kelly
Emmitt Smith RB Thomas
Daryl Johnson FB / WR Beebe
Dallas Position Buffalo
Tony Tolbert LE Hansen
Tony Casillas LT Wright
Russell Maryland RT B. Smith
Charles Haley RE Patton
Vinson Smith LLB Conlan
Robert Jones MLB Bennett
Ken Norton Jr. RLB Tailey
Kevin Smith LCB J. Williams
Larry Brown RCB Odoms
James Washington SS Jones
Thomas Everett FS Kelso
Dallas Position Buffalo
Lin Elliott K Christie
Mike Saxon P Mohr


Scoring 1st 2nd 3rd 4th Final
Buffalo 7 3 7 0 17
Dallas 14 14 3 21 52
First Quarter
05:00 — Buffalo – TD, Thurman Thomas 2 Yard Run (Steve Christie Kick)
13:14 — Dallas – TD, Jay Novacek 23 Yard Pass from Troy Aikman (Lin Elliot Kick)
13:39 — Dallas – TD, Jimmie Jones 2 Yard Fumble Return (Lin Elliot Kick)
Second Quater
11:36 — Buffalo – FG, Steve Christie 21 Yard
13:06 — Dallas – TD, Michael Irvin 19 Yard Pass from Troy Aikman (Lin Elliot Kick)
13:24 — Dallas – TD, Michael Irvin 18 Yard Pass from Troy Aikman (Lin Elliot Kick)
Third Quarter
06:39 — Dallas – FG, Lin Elliot 20 Yard
15:00 — Buffalo – TD, Don Beebe 40 Yard Pass from Frank Reich (Steve Christie Kick)
Fourth Quarter
04:56 — Dallas – TD, Alvin Harper 45 Yard Pass from Troy Aikman (Lin Elliot Kick)
06:48 — Dallas – TD, Emmitt Smith 10 Yard Run (Lin Elliot Kick)
07:29 — Dallas – TD, Ken Norton 9 Yard Fumble Return (Lin Elliot Kick)
Buffalo Team Stats Dallas
22 1st Down – Total 20
7 1st Down – Rushing 9
11 1st Down – Passing 11
4 1st Down – Penalty 0
8 Fumbles – Number 4
5 Fumbles – Lost Ball 2
4 Penalties 8
30 Yards Penalized 53
0 Missed Field Goals 0
71 Offensive Plays 60
362 Net Yards 408
5.1 Average Gain 6.8

Individual Stats

Dallas Smith 22-108, Aikman 3-28, Gainer 2-1, Johnston 1-0, Beuerlein 1-0
Buffalo Davis 15-86, Thomas 11-19, Gardner 1-3, Reich 1-0
Dallas Kelly 4-7-82-0-2, Reich 18-31-194-1-2
Buffalo Aikman 22-30-273-4-x
Dallas Novacek 7-72, Irvin 6-114, Smith 6-27, Johnston 2-15, Harper 1-45
Buffalo Reed 8-152, Thomas 4-10, Davis 3-16, Beebe 2-50, Tasker 2-30, Metzelaars 2-12, McKeller 1-6

Attendance – 98,374 in Pasadena, CA

MVP: QB Troy Aikman, Dallas Cowboys

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